Broadband connection

Broadband connection is a critical component of the Digital Equity framework. Gloucester residents expect and deserve an internet experience where they can easily access a fast and reliable internet connection and take advantage of online resources. It is crucial to ensure that every household has access to a fast, reliable, and affordable connection to meet individuals and family’s needs. 

What is broadband connection?

Broadband or high-speed internet access allows access to the Internet at higher speeds than through “dial-up” services. Broadband services for residential use provide faster downstream speeds (from the Internet to personal computers) than upstream speeds (from personal computers to the Internet). The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) currently defines high-speed fixed broadband as a service with 100 megabits per second download speed and 20 megabits per second upload speed (100/20 mbps). This is a fourfold increase from the previous benchmark of 25/3 mbps.  

Internet Service Provider Availability

The vast majority of individuals who access the internet do so via an Internet Service Provider, or ISP. ISPs provide the link between a personal computing device (computer, tablet, smartphone, or any number of connected devices like televisions, gaming consoles, smart home devices, etc.) and the broader internet. 

There is only one Internet Service Provider serving Gloucester. This highlights the lack of competition and choice for residents of Gloucester in accessing good quality and reliable internet.

Connection Speed

Internet speed tests are one source of data available to determine the real-world experience of home internet users in Gloucester. 

According to Measurement Lab (M-Lab), a nonprofit that provides free, open Internet measurement data to empower everyone with useful information, the median download speed experienced in Gloucester between January and September 2023 was 239 mb/s, a speed fast enough for nearly any home use, while the median upload speed was 26.77 mb/s. In total, 91.23% of speed tests on the website resulted in download speeds above 100 mb/s, while 98.62% were over 25 mb/s.

Median download speed

239 mb/s


of speed tests were above 100 mb/s

Median upload speed

26.77 mb/s


of speed tests were above 25 mb/s