Community Outreach

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Community Engagement Plan highlights

As a part of our community outreach and engagement strategies, we are adopting the following strategies to engage with Gloucester residents and service providers in the community

It reflects the findings from our preliminary listening session with municipal staff from various departments.

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01. Key Informant Interviews: Municipal City Staff

The insights gathered from our individual interviews with city staff played a crucial role in shaping the subsequent phases of our community engagement process. These interviews not only pinpointed the primary Digital Equity concerns within the community but also aided in recognizing community organizations actively engaged with residents and priority population groups. 

You can find a summary of our findings here.

02. Stakeholder Interviews: Community Organization leaders

We are currently engaging with community organization leaders and other key stakeholders in the community who work closely with residents most impacted by the digital divide. 

Stay tuned for updates and findings from our stakeholder interviews!

03. Digital & paper surveys: Community residents

As a part of capturing broader Digital Equity needs in Gloucester, we are administering surveys to hear from all residents.  

Stay tuned for survey results findings!

04. Focus group discussions: Community residents

We are planning to conduct 2 focus groups with the most vulnerable population groups who face disparate impacts of digital divide in their daily lives. 

Stay tuned for our focus group findings!

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